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Quailty breeder of Silver Lace Wyandottes - Qauilty  Buidler of Backyard Chicken Coops
Texas Chicken Coops

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Fancy Fowl Farms and Texas Chicken Coops go hand and hand in quailty buliding and breeding rare birds    View  More Coops
Fancy Fowl Farms
Today we are living the Good Life "Southern Style"includes our pampered pet even the chicken are becoming our
best friend.  Our heritage hens , Silver Lace Wyandottes, Coronation Sussex, Silver Sussex ,bring organic fresh farm eggs to our families table..all we only have to bring home
is the bacon..

We love the friendly little banthams and silkies, we also enjoy  the silver lace wyandottes and marans guess you
could say we love pet chickens!   Texas Chicken Coops is devoted to ubran families who want to bring a little country
into their city life style, chickens are very relaxing to watch they make you Happy Happy! 

Texas Chicken Coops, have given people  something to PEEP about and so far is has been EGG-CITING news !
Even a casting company called whating to do a  show about our chicken coops, but thing we will have to pass on that, the
only time i will fly you will know I made heaven and got my wings! lol hate hate flying!

The Texas "Southern Heritage " coop to the right top of page, is a  one of a kind  luxury chicken coop it has three luxurious lined in cedar rooms,Photos of our  designs and quality chicken coops will speak for what we do best
just click on the Luxury, Fancy, or Posh links above to view more information and photos.
We are a small family business, and proud of the quality coops build for wonderful families who love pet as we do.