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Our Fancy Fowl Farm Birds by Texas Chicken Coops

Our Silver Laced Wyandotte stock has been assembled from show quailty bloodlines. We offer you the best Heritage Silver Laced Wyandottes available in the USA. The full plumage on these chickens is extremely striking. Silver laced Wyandottes have exceptionally beautiful bold feather lacing.

You can see the differance of  " Heritage  ver  Standard Wyandottes " These fowl are not standard Wyandottes and are definitely not  hatchery variety of silver laced Wyandotte chickens.
We are excited to start up the incubators filled with our  rare Heritage Sliver Lace Wyandotte eggs, Our fowl are an excellent choice for exhibition and a fantastic choice for your 4-H, F.F.A. or A.P.A. sanctioned shows. We sale out as fast as we can hatch,please place your order in early .  

Fancy Fowl Farms by Texas Chicken Coops
Breeder of Silver Lace Wyandottes - Qauilty  Backyard  Texas Chicken Cooops
Texas Chicken Coops

Heritage Sliver Lace Wyandottes - Few of our brood stock
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View our quality Texas Chicken Coops designs.   I personally house my Bantams in one of the  Southern Heritage coop.. www.texaschicken coops.com
Fancy Fowl Farm Chickens by Texas Chicken Coops