Black Cooper  Marans & Cuckoo Marans are not as pretty birds as the Silver Lace fowls but Layers of the darkest of eggs.
The eggs are just unbelievable
dark chocolate in color.
C1 color is the darkest of brown eggs.these are out of  Black Copper Marans champion bloodlines.
Marans not know for their beauty, some Marans have feathers on their shanks and other do not. Hens can be almost black looking bird with hints of copper. Personally they are not a pretty bird but the eggs make up for that. True Marans will lay at lease a #4 egg in her span.
These are C1 in color.
Black Copper Marans
( darkest of egg layers)
Fancy Fowl Farms
Black Copper Marans
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We are not responsible for animals or eggs after leaving our care.there for as is where is.
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