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Silver  Sussex - imported bloodline.In 2007  imported from Australia a single pair of Silver Sussex from championship lines.
These are huge birds with the remarkably beautiful coloration of this unique variety.
As far as we know these two birds are the only silver Sussex that have ever been brought to this country.

For almost three years the first importer worked with the pair, taking their best offspring and eventually crossing
them with the imported light Sussex to boost the genetic diversity in the line. Then, bred back for generations to silvers in order to achieve a bird that is identical in appearance to the original pair
is the result of this arduous process.
We fill so lucky to own a pair of these very rare chickens,We will be honored to share our first hatching  with you.We are only selling a few of this birds chick.

Our goal to use these birds as our seed stock to help these beautiful rare Sussex become  an important element to rare quality poultry farming in the America.    

These chickens are so rare, we do not sell hatching eggs that might be damaged in shipment.

Thank you from Fancy Fowl Farms
God Bless America and our farms

               Rarest of  Sussex ( new to America)

Silver Coronation Sussex (rarest of Sussex breed)
Get on list now for the rarest of Sussex in America.
Silver Coronation Sussex
(Rarest of Sussex) bred of chicken.

Fancy Fowl Farms by Texas Chicken Coops
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Silver Coronation Sussex by Texas Chicken Coops